Literacy @South Country

Learn to read, write and speak English at the South Country Library. The South Country Library Literacy program  provides services and resources for adults who are learning to read, write and speak English.  See our ESOL Info Brochure    for information about the literacy resources available to you.

Using technology, books, group and one-on-one instruction, the South Country Library offers resources and support to South Country residents who wish to improve literacy skills.  A South Country library card is needed to register for these programs.  Contact the Circulation Desk at 631-286-0818 for information on how to get a free library card.

ESL Classes
Beginner English instruction offered on Monday nights from 6:30-8:30pm.  Contact the Reference Desk for more information.

Basic Literacy Tutoring
Need help with basic reading and writing skills? Students can register to work with a tutor on a weekly basis.  Register at the Reference Desk. The application can be downloaded here.

Literacy Volunteers
Are you interested in helping someone learn to read and write English?  The Library is looking for volunteers with instructional experience who would like to open countless doors for someone else by offering the gift of literacy.  Interested persons should complete a short application which can be found here or picked up at the Library.  For more information, please visit or contact Adrienne or Jennifer at the Reference desk at 286-0818.

Basic ESL
Basic ESL is a free online learning program that improves an individual’s listening, reading and writing skills through a simple to follow, and instructionally proven curriculum.
Students learn English quickly and effectively on relevant topics including: family, home, school and many other topics. In each lesson students learn key vocabulary and how to use that vocabulary in conversation.
No computer experience is necessary. Click on “Instant  Access” to enter without registering.

This database offers self-paced language instruction in over 80 languages, including English as a Second Language (ESL).  Users create accounts (using South Country Library card) to access lessons, virtual coach, quizzes and other language-learning tools.  There are even apps for your iPad, iPhone or Android device!

Additional literacy resources are available online.

For more information about these programs, contact the Reference Department at 631-286-0818 extension #1 or